I=Formally Introduced
C=Competent, student can independently perform skill 75% of the time
A.  Library Awareness Skills
1.Concept of a Library  K  1  2   3  4  5  6  7   8  9  10  11   12 
  a  Understands why information is collected in a central place I     D     C            
  b  Knows how information is arranged and shared I           D           C
  c  Understands the kinds of personnel who staff a library I           D           C
  d  Knows how LMC staff assist students with their information needs I           D           C
2 Behavior and Etiquette of a Good Library User (student)              
  a  Realizes that LMC materials are shared and must be used and returned in a timely way I D C                    
  b  Exhibits proper LMC behavior and respect for others I       D       C        
  c  Demonstrates the proper care and responsibility for materials, equipment, and facilities I       D       C        
  d  Demonstrates ability to check out and return library materials properly I D C                    
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